How It Works


  • You bring an item(s) of value into the store with your asking price either to sell the goods, or how much you would like to borrow against it.
  • We will then assess the item based on the current value to us as a second hand item/security (not based on retail value).
  • If possible, we will pay or lend you the full amount you are asking for; otherwise we will pay or lend an amount as close to it as possible, relative to our assessed value of the item(s).
  • In the case of a loan, we will hold your goods pledged as pawn, until you redeem the loan by paying the principal and all interest accrued, back to us.


Literally minutes for approval!

The first time you transact with us, it will take a little longer, as we have to register your customer and ID details, before we can take care of your loan or sale. However once you are registered in the system, you can pretty much be straight in and out in future!

Also, in order to speed up the process, please think about and have ready the figure of how much you want to sell for/borrow against your goods of value; there's no point borrowing more than you need and paying additional interest!


  • An item(s) of value (in working order with any necessary accessories e.g. chargers)
  • If you have any receipts, valuations, certificates, reports etc. for the pledged items, bring them too, as it can help you get closer to the amount you want!
  • A figure of the amount you would like to sell the item for/ borrow against it.
  • Government Photo ID (Current Passport, Drivers License, Proof of Age Card) or at least 2-3 forms of other ID (Birth Certificate, Health Care Card, Medicare Card, Bank Card)
  • You must be at least 18 years of age


  • New, used & scrap Gold in any carat, colour or condition (jewellery, nuggets, coins, bullion, cufflinks, findings, fillings etc.)
  • Engagement rings, diamond rings, loose diamonds
  • Estate, designer and antique jewellery
  • Quality authentic Swiss watches (Rolex, Omega, IWC, Breitling, Tag Heuer, etc.)
  • Authentic luxury designer label bags & accessories in good condition (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada etc.) however some restrictions apply
  • Recent model Apple electronics products
  • Current model mobile phones (iPhones, Samsung Galaxy etc.) including accessories
  • Current model laptop computers including accessories
  • Current model tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab etc.)
  • Current model iPods & MP3 players including accessories
  • Current model digital, HD and video cameras with accessories
  • Current model SLR cameras and lenses
  • Current model gaming consoles with accessories/games
  • Current model GPS navigator units with accessories
  • Other genuine goods of value; please contact us with your requests to confirm!

NB: Current model electronics goods which are physically damaged and/or not working are sometimes still accepted on a 'for parts only' basis, at a lower amount than the equivalent items in working condition.


Whilst the following restrictions are not absolute/hard limits, we typically do not buy or loan against

  • Vehicles (although our business partners may be able to help with vehicle loans; please phone to enquire)
  • Prepaid mobile phone handsets
  • Musical instruments
  • Sporting goods/equipment (e.g. snowboards, bicycles etc.)
  • Media items (e.g. DVDs, CDs, BluRays etc.)
  • Memorabilia/Collectible goods (e.g. autographed photos, stamp/card collections)
  • Older generation GPS units

That being said, there are exceptions to these restrictions, so if you are not sure if your goods are something we will accept for pawn/purchase, you are welcome to give us a call to see if we can assist!